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3 Popular Travel Destinations that Won’t Break the Bank

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The term “travel destinations” is both exciting and depressing. Of course, traveling somewhere new or foreign is something to look forward to and get excited about. However, there is always the depressing notion of costs looming behind that excitement. Luckily, there are amazing places that won’t break one’s bank. South Asian countries like Thailand, and Central American countries like Mexico, are notorious for having cheaper travel destinations. Below are three travel destinations that are the most affordable in the world, but still amazing.

The first is Laos. Located in Southeast Asia, Laos can be budgeted for $30 a day. Many activities are $7 or less, and the views are amazing. One tourist noted that for $2.50 he was able to see one of the most beautiful waterfalls in the world (BMTMTeam). To keep the trip even cheaper than the average cost of $30-$60 a day, one can book their own activities and transportation, use Agoda (a website) for accommodation, bring a water bottle with a filter, avoid Western food, and get travel insurance (Matt). Laos is among one of the cheapest countries to visit while still providing the most incredible experience.

The next is Romania. This country is located toward the Southeast region of Europe, and most people probably think of ‘Dracula’ when Romania’s name comes up. But there is far more to do in Romania than speculate about an ancient vampire. For $33 a day, Romania offers a spectacular landscape of medieval villages, castles, trains, wine stores, wetlands, and small towns. Hostels are about $10-$15 a night, and fresh produce at markets are cheaper forms of food. To make one’s trip even cheaper, fly into cheap cities, take the train to travel, drink in local places with local drinks, and research when museums are having discounts. When planned with care, Romania can be Europe’s cheapest country to visit (BMTMTeam).

Last, located in northern South America, Columbia is one of the cheapest countries to visit. One can travel there on a budget of $35 a day (BMTMTeam).  This country hosts numerous museums and historic sites, beautiful environments, and rich culture. Some sites to see are Bogota and The Lost City. Some outdoor sites include the Amazon and some of the world’s best sea-diving sites. One tourist expressed, “From unbelievable scenery and lush jungles (Colombia is home to 10% of the world’s biodiversity), beautiful beaches, incredible street art, stunning architecture, salsa dancing, delicious food and cutting edge culinary trends, the ancient sites of Tierradentro and San Agustín, hip cities like Medellín and Bogotá, Colombia is a travel paradise” (Matt). Although Columbia has a record of cartels and drugs, it has become a country to visit and is affordable at the same time.


To conclude, travel destinations do not have to break your bank to be worth it. Beyond Columbia, Romania, and Laos, there are dozens of countries that you can travel to for under $50 a day. This is not to say that things like flights or local commodities will be expensive, but compared to the world’s leading destinations, these are by far the cheapest.


Authored by Dayton Dempsey

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