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3 Planning and Organizational Hacks

Life is full of so many different opportunities, tasks, and appointments. It can be easy to let it all get overwhelming and out of order. Your life can change as you implement these 3 planning and organizational hacks!


  1. Write it down


Humans are forgetful. And that is okay! David Allen says, “Your mind is for having ideas, not holding them.” 

There are many things happening in your life right now, and you do not/should not solely rely on your brain to remember all of it. This will be your best method of staying on top of what you need to accomplish. Being able to put all of the information in your brain to a written down place will allow you to focus on the task at hand. 

Having a calendar can help you make sure you have time for your tasks and can prepare ahead. You will have one, designated spot to input all the things you need to get done or attend. When making plans you will be able to know what your availability is without guessing or forgetting something important. 


2. Make it unique to you


Everyone is different, and our brains all function differently as well! It is important as you begin to plan and organize that you know the different options and methods.  Begin by asking yourself these questions? 

  • Do I prefer to have my organization based in technology or hard copy paper? 
  • What brands/apps are most user friendly according to my needs? 
  • How much time and effort am I willing to put into organization?
  • Do I want free organizational methods or am I willing to pay? 
  • Is it easier for me to look at tasks as a list or put them in a cumulative schedule? 


3. Be realistic 


While planning and organizing, make sure to leave some wiggle room. Be realistic about how your day will play out and what you are capable of accomplishing in a certain period of time. Having a calendar (mentioned above) can play a big part in making sure you are being realistic with your time. You will be able to visualize all you need to accomplish and the time you have to do so. It is easy to block out every hour with a new task, but remember that you will have to make time to travel, eat a snack, take a rest, or be ready for spontaneous events. Being too rigid with planning and organization can lead to a lack of flexibility and relaxation. 


Now is your time to take control and be the most organized version of yourself you can be! Start small and make simple changes in your life that will make a noticeable difference. Appreciate the potential you have to be the best version of yourself today!


-Written by Hannah Judd


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