2016 Tax Rates and Other Numbers Are Out

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It?s that time of year again. Yes, you better have your turkey and all the other fixings ready for Thanksgiving, but it?s also time to take a look at the latest tax brackets and standard deductions amounts for the upcoming 2016 tax year. To be clear, these apply to the tax return you will file in 2017, not the return you will file in 2016. For those numbers click here. As always, the numbers have changed from this current year, so make sure you make any necessary adjustments if your financial situation has changed significantly, or if you expect it to. Without further adieu, here are the 2016 tax brackets:
2016 Tax Brackets

OverBut Not OverTax Rate
$415,051And over39.6%

Head of Household

OverBut Not OverTax Rate
$441,001And over39.6%

Married Filing Jointly

OverBut Not OverTax Rate
$466,951And over39.6%

Married Filing Separately

OverBut Not OverTax Rate
$233,476And over39.6%

The IRS has also released its standard deductions chart for 2015. Everyone who pays taxes will get a small increase in their standard deduction amount.
Standard Deductions

Filing StatusStandard Deduction Amount
Married Filing Jointly$12,600
Married Filing Separately$6,300
Head of Household$9,300
Surviving Spouse$12,600

Other Changes of Note
There were several other important changes to be aware of for the coming year, which of course you can start preparing for as soon as January arrives. That?s because it?s never too early to start preparing for the next tax season.

The maximum earned income credit amount for taxpayers filing jointly is now $6,269 for those who have 3 or more qualifying children in 2016, which is a slight increase from 2015.
The foreign earned income exclusion has also ticked up slightly from the 2015 mark of $100,800. It will be $101,300 for 2016.
As far as personal exemptions go, the number for 2016 is $4,050 a slight increase from $4000 this year. Also, the Alternative Minimum Tax exemption amount is $83,300 for married couples who file jointly and $53,900 for singles.
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