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10 Ways to Get Involved in Your Community

10 Ways to Get Involved in Your Community


Looking for a cause to contribute to doesn’t need to be a difficult task. Thoughtful ways to give back are available in your own community! First, consider what is possible for you to donate, whether your time, old toys, opinions, or friendship. Check out the list below for ten ideas on how to be more involved in the charitable efforts in your community:


1. Check out local websites

Local websites should be the first resource to turn to when looking how to get more involved in your local community. Local news sites often list town events or meetings that are looking for participants. Going to these activities can help you be more aware of what is going on locally and help you to make more connections as you strive to educate yourself about current events.


2. Talk to your friends

Another great resource that can help you get more involved in your community is by talking to your friends about what they are doing. Volunteers love to enlist other volunteers. Or, drop off some treats or invite a friend to go for a walk. Nourishing friendships is a great way to serve.


3. Be an entrepreneur

If you have a specific cause or a need that you have become aware of in your community then you could consider starting an initiative with a group of friends or other individuals who also are looking to shed light on an important cause.


4. Clean up community

Not much to say about that! Taking just an hour out of your week to pick up around a local park or beach can bring back the beauty of your home in a simple way.



5. Serve at a food bank

Often, more people are in need than we are aware. Extend a helping hand by serving at your local food bank. Eat with the people that you serve and develop new friendships with individuals that you might not have ever met.


6. Introduce yourself

One of the simplest ways to serve others is to be a friendly face. Connect with others through a smile, or taking the time to have a meaningful conversation with those you meet. This will uplift their day and yours too!


7. School drive

Time to go through your pantry and dresser drawers! Schools frequently hold can drives, clothing drives, book drives, and more.. Give back to the families and children in your community by participating in these events hosted by your local public schools.


8. Get involved in schools

Another way to get involved through your local school system is by participating in your children’s PTO or parent board. The more the merrier when it comes to participating in school activities. Not only will you be serving the entire school community, but you will also get to spend some more quality time with your kids!


9. Put together “snack packs” community

Looking for a way to get involved while staying at home? Then this is the activity for you! Create little “snack packs” for those in your community who are in need. The possibilities to include in these packs are endless; water bottle, protein bars, tooth brush, hair brush, a gift card. Store the “snack packs” in your car so that you have them on hand when you see someone in need.


10. Vote

Fight for what you believe in by actively participating in local elections. 


More ideas to help you be more involved in your community.


Authored by Lauren Woodbury


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