10 Tips for Improving Social Interaction

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10 Tips for Improving Social Interaction by Tim Bryce

Your manners and how to improve interaction with others says a lot about a person’s character. Basic courtesy means you are socially well adjusted. No, I am not suggesting everyone turns into a “Miss Manners,” but attention to basic courtesy can improve your image with others. Small details can have a dramatic effect. For example:

A simple Thank You note will be remembered for a service rendered. I have been a program chairman for various organizations over the years. After a speaker conducted a presentation for me, I would be sure to send a thank-you note to him/her for their presentation (regardless if there was an honorarium or not). This is a nice personal touch that is remembered. Consequently, I never have a problem securing a speaker.

Invite others to participate in events. Again, a personal note can work wonders and makes people feel wanted. If you stumble over an omission on your invitation list (which inevitably happens), move swiftly to correct the omission. Include people, don’t exclude them, let them know their presence has meaning to you.

Above all else, watch your temper. As the old adage admonishes us, “You catch more flies with honey than you do with vinegar.” A little courtesy can go a long way towards building fruitful relationships.

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